The term “PRIME” bring to mind various interpretations; in particular, Prime Location, Prime Investments, Prime Age, Prime Cut and as such we source, invest and extend only viable investments we ourselves consider - Prime
— Justin Chew, CEO of PRIME

Our Mission

To build a long term network of investors, developers, distributors and tenants with integrity and mutual understanding

Our Vision

Providing our clients – both developers & real estate investors a seamless experience in acquiring international presence & properties


Global Investments Made Borderless

PRIME International Properties (Formerly know as SQFT Global Properties Malaysia) have been operating since 2009 and since our initiation, PRIME have always been focused in the international property segment thus creating ourselves a brand that is recognized by both the developers and investors we work with.

In January 2018, PRIME has merged it’s international business with several international frontier property investment companies such as Dennis Wee Group of  Singapore & FM Investment of Hong Kong that as a group in total has several offices across many countries such as Thailand, Japan, United Kingdom, Taiwan, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Following this, a powerhouse of global investment companies are now under one umbrella where we strive together for a total solution to all our developers and real estate investors.